Thermomix credit – cook like a king – easily funded

The Thermomix loan can be applied for at various lenders. Necessary is a good credit rating. The kitchen appliance is currently very much in vogue. Hobby cooks love the device and do not want to miss it anymore. But the purchase of the device is not exactly cheap. Customers have to expect about 1200 euros, not everyone has on the side.

Thermomix credit – funded directly from the grid

Thermomix credit - funded directly from the grid

To the Thermomix a real hype has arisen. There are Thermomix parties where the “miracle device” is presented.

Nevertheless, customers who want to buy a Thermomix should consider for what purpose the food processor should be used. The difference between the Thermomix and a standard food processor is a cooking function.

In addition, the device needs a lot of space. Because the miracle part should have a stable grip and there must be enough space around it so that the Thermomix can also be operated properly.

If customers still want to buy the food processor, they have to lay down about 1200 euros. Not everyone has so much money on their side. Often, the desire group who want to have this device is not working at all. If a loan has to be taken, a lot should be considered. Thus, a borrower must have a perfect credit rating which shows in a sufficient income. In addition, a stable and secure workplace must be available.

Very important is the unencumbered private credit.When negative entries are noted, a loan is often rejected.

Thermomix credit – how to finance

Thermomix credit - how to finance

As hype as the Thermomix is ​​currently, it is also expensive. 1200 euros are a lot of money for a food processor. The handicap of this is also that the device, when new, is not commercially available. Interested parties can not arrange installment payments at the retailer.

This will require a loan so that the device can be bought and paid in cash at the “cooking parties”. If you decide for a used device, this has a lot of choices. Who is satisfied with that, must expect only about 500 euros. However, as is often the case with used goods, they no longer bring the power like a new part.

If you want to buy the Thermomix, you should ask a lender about the terms of a loan. If a stable job exists and the income is sufficient, the loan should not be a problem.

Thermomix credit – calculate loan amount

Thermomix credit - calculate loan amount

If you decide to take a Thermomix loan, you should first get the price. In addition, it is advised to look at the device in advance and possibly to pay attention to the price development. Often comes additions or books for recipes, which then makes a higher loan amount necessary. As with any other loan, this loan should also check to see if a loan can be paid.

For this purpose, the revenue is calculated against the expenses. Only if a surplus remains, the loan should be applied for. If you do not have the money every month, you will not get a loan. Banks are checking very closely.

The bank will also examine the ratio of revenue / expenditure and see how it is with the client’s solvency. If you have a credit line and always use it without stopping, you should not necessarily buy the Thermomix. So it can happen that ultimately comes to a credit default that comes with unpleasant consequences.

Thermomix loan – how to apply for the loan

Thermomix loan - how to apply for the loan

If the loan amount is fixed, a credit comparison should be made. Loan seekers generally have the opportunity to take out a loan from the bank but also at an online bank. If the credit rating is okay this is possible with any lender. The bank checks the income and will query the private credit.

If the private credit shows negative entries, the credit will probably be rejected. The entry shows that there have already been payment difficulties in the past. But if the bank gives the green light, the loan application can be made. The customer receives a preliminary loan commitment within a few minutes, but this is not binding.

Only when the lender has verified the credit documentation, the final loan commitment will be issued with simultaneous instruction of the money. If you have only a small income, you can take out the loan with the spouse. If this has a sufficient income and a good credit rating, the credit opportunities increase. In addition, better terms can be expected.

Thermomix credit – bad private credit

Thermomix credit - bad Schufa

If you have a bad private credit and you want a Thermomix loan, you should refrain from it. After all, it is not a device on which the livelihood depends. Actually, this is a luxury item. For luxury, the non-private credit loans should not be used.

In addition, loan seekers would have to borrow over 3500 euros, which is the smallest amount of credit the bank forgives. In addition, one year of full employment must be proven and income that has an attachable share. For a single person that would be net 1150 euros.