Payday Loan waiting time: how many days between request and payment?

In this article we will analyze the waiting times on Fostal Bank payday loans, in particular to see the necessary days between sending the request for funding we need and the payment of the desired sum. This is certainly one of the most important aspects for evaluating a particular loan, as very often the money we request will serve us quickly.

Times of Payday Loans Fostal Bank: how many days of waiting between request and payment?

A very important feature that needs to be assessed when comparing different forms of loan is that of waiting times, which are often very long. In fact, many times the money we request through a personal Fostal Bank loan serves us to deal with an expense that can be urgent. For this reason, delivery times can be decisive in choosing the credit institution to which we can rely. In the case of loans offered by Postal service Italy you will be pleased to know that it takes only a few days to have the desired amount of money available. The number of days that pass between sending the application form and the payment depends on the delivery method chosen by the customer. Let’s see what the possibilities are, in order to choose, when possible, the one that allows us to get the money we need in the shortest possible time.

First of all, it is good to specify that in order to take advantage of Fostal Bank loans, it is not necessary to be a Postal service Italy customer. At the time of the request, therefore, we will not necessarily have to hold a Fostal Bank current account or cards like PostePay. However, being a customer of the Italian Post Office could be a considerable advantage. As is also confirmed by the opinions of users available in the main industry forums, delivery times can be significantly reduced thanks to direct payment to Fostal Bank current account, PostePay Evolution card, or even to the postal savings account in the name of the beneficiary of the loan. In these three cases only a few hours are often enough to have the requested credit immediately available.

The possibilities for non-Italian Poste customers are different. First of all, you can choose to pay cash at the post office where the loan request was made. In this case, the maximum amount that we can receive will be 10,000 euros, and usually 2 or 3 days of waiting are required. Therefore, despite the fact that it is a disbursement option aimed at those who are not customers of the Italian Post Office, we can still talk about fast financing. Finally, the last option is to request credit on the current account in the name of the bank to which we are connected. Choosing the latter method of delivery we can request up to a maximum of 20,000 euros, which we will receive in this case in a few days.

Fast Fostal Bank loan in 24 or 48 hours: is it possible with Postal service Italy?

To receive a fast Fostal Bank loan, all we have to do is go to the post office closest to our home and complete the relevant form. This will be presented to us by an expert in the field, who will always be at our disposal for any doubt regarding the characteristics of the products offered by the company. On the Postal service Italy website you can find the most convenient office for us and make an appointment to discuss our position. So our consultant will be able to propose the best solutions offered by Postal service Italy that meet our needs, both as regards the amount to which we are interested and for the repayment installment planned, so as to identify together the best ever. So far the necessary time is not the longest, although obviously we will have to commit ourselves to search the documentation quickly, so as to speed up the request procedures.

Let’s move on to the required requirements, so you do not miss anything and do not have to go back to the Postal service Italy office a second time, because queuing twice requires a lengthening of the times, which we certainly do not want. The first requirement concerns residence, which must be on Italian territory. As for economic requirements, the customer must show the company an insured monthly entry. In this sense it is necessary to perceive a demonstrable work income produced in Italy, or receive a pension from INPS every month. As with any other credit institution, even if you refer to the Italian Post Office, employees and pensioners will have no problem in receiving a positive response to the request for funding. With Fostal Bank personal loans, self-employed workers can also receive the desired funding by submitting their tax return.

So to proceed with the request for a personal loan Fostal Bank the documents that we will bring with us will be only the identity card, the health card and a document that certifies the income received monthly. The latter, in the case of employees, will therefore be the last paycheck or work contract, while in the case of a pensioner who must apply for a Fostal Bank loan, the latter must bring the last pension slip. Finally, as regards self-employed workers, the document to be presented will be the Single Model. Through this the company will be able to make the appropriate assessments and define accordingly the maximum payment that can be addressed by the customer. In the latter case, delivery times may be slightly longer because of the time required to assess the applicant’s economic position.

All in all, however, requesting a Fostal Bank loan in 24 hours or 48 hours (one or two days) is simple. Several are the strengths of the Italian Post Office that are praised on different customer reviews. First of all, thanks to the website of the Italian Post Office you can find all the information we need to identify the product that is right for us. A well-structured website like that of the Italian Post Office allows us to save time, as otherwise we would have to go to the post office just to receive information. Moreover, as we have already said, it is possible to make an appointment, so as to choose the date and time that we prefer and above all not to have to queue. Furthermore, applause is made just by the speed of the operators who work in the post offices and who take care of the Fostal Bank loans, thanks to which you can in fact receive very fast financing. Obviously, it will also be up to you to immediately obtain the documentation and thus burn the waiting times of the loans offered by Postal service Italy.



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