Loan despite rejection – everyday problem solutions


The loan despite rejection is always a difficult loan request. The rejection can have different reasons.

Since the private credit is negatively charged. The income is insufficient.

Even a fixed-term contract can lead to a loan despite rejection. Nevertheless, credit seekers should not give up. If the rejection came from the house bank, then credit seekers can try it with an on-line bank.

The loan despite rejection – the situation

The loan despite rejection - the situation

Credit despite rejection – recognize solutions

The first step the credit seeker should take in case of a credit rejection is to find out why the loan was declined. Is the burdened private credit the reason or the insufficient income. If this has been clarified, an attempt can be made to eliminate the cause. If it is not enough income can be tried with a solvent guarantor to relax the situation.

Work can also be done on a bad private credit. Then loan seekers should seek self-disclosure from the private credit.

This can be seen, if the entries are rightly noted or they could have been deleted long ago. Another step could be to clarify whether all outstanding bills have been paid or whether other loans need to be serviced. Last but not least, a cash fall should show how the monthly budget is composed.

Credit despite rejection – what conditions?

Credit despite rejection - what conditions?

For a loan to be approved, loan seekers must be able to meet the bank’s requirements. This includes the sufficient income that is above the attachment exemption limit. Thus, most banks require an income of at least 1100 euros. If the income is well below this income limit, a loan can be rejected.

The bank fears that the loan can not be paid then. That can happen even if the private credit is positive. There must always be enough money left to pay a loan installment. In addition to income, the private credit must be free of negative entries.

A burdened private credit also leads to a credit rejection. Last but not least, the stable and secure employment from which the income comes is important. If the loan seeker has a fixed-term employment contract, then no credit is approved unless it can be paid within the time limit.

Credit despite rejection – who is often not creditworthy?

Credit despite rejection - who is often not creditworthy?

If the loan seeker is unemployed, the chances of getting a loan are rather bad. The offers that are made to him are often not serious. Here should be looked closely. But even self-employed or freelancers are not welcome customers at the banks.

With them, the fluctuating income is often a reason for refusal. The self-employed are subjected to a complex credit check, which is too much for some banks and simply reject the loan. But also recipients of social benefits will not get a loan. Here the income is just enough to cover the cost of living.

The rejection of unemployment and social benefits stems from the fact that these benefits can not be impounded. If there is a credit default, the bank can not seize.

Credit despite rejection – problem of private credit

Credit despite rejection - problem of private credit

Often, a loan is not approved because the private credit of the customer is bad. But what is the private credit actually? Why is it preventing a loan? The protection association for general credit protection – private credit for short – is a credit agency in Germany that works with contractual partners.

Partners are:

  • banks
  • telephone companies
  • Insurance
  • mail order companies
  • car dealerships

and others more. All financial transactions of a customer end up in the private credit. If an account is opened, the private credit finds out about it. If a loan is taken, it will be entered in the private credit.

Yes, even if an apartment is rented, the landlord asks the private credit. These requests will be seen as neutral entries.

If, however, there are difficulties in payment, such as a reminder, a garnishment or even an oath of disclosure, then these neutral entries become negative. The consequences are felt quickly by the customer, for example when he uses some of the contracting parties.

Credit despite rejection – credit with bad private credit

Credit despite rejection - credit with bad private credit

German banks refuse a loan, the loan seekers can then look for the private credit-free loans. Here he can get help from a reputable credit intermediary. The mediation will take the credit check and tell the client if it qualifies for a loan or not. He examines the documents and requests others if necessary.

Mostly then the Swiss credit comes into question. A loan that no longer comes from Switzerland but also from Liechtenstein. Contrary to the many advertising claims of credit agencies, not everyone receives this loan. Again, unemployed or recipients of Hartz IV as well as self-employed are excluded from the loan.

Preferred customers are employees and civil servants with a secure and stable job.

Credit despite rejection – pay attention to seriousness

Credit despite rejection - pay attention to seriousness

There are some frivolous negotiations that have just discredited Swiss credit. Thus, credit agencies that do not work reputedly often require their customers’ initial costs, even though no credit application has yet been made.

Likewise, customers are urged to sign an insurance application, such as a home savings contract. This does not increase the credit opportunities, only the customer has less money in his wallet but still no credit.

A serious credit broker can be seen how long he has been on the market. Also, exchanges are often certified, which also means a serious sign. Likewise, positive reviews in the relevant forums can show who is serious or not.



Anyone who has experienced a credit rejection should first ask for the reasons. Accordingly, it can be addressed. If the income is too weak, a guarantor could help out. If the private credit is bad, a free loan can be an option. It is also important that the budget statement shows a surplus. The bank will also make such a calculation.

Also, the accrued loan installments should be affordable. Maybe this can succeed with a longer runtime. So you see, a loan despite rejection can certainly come about, if one or the other is respected.