Finance the dream of owning a horse with a payday loan

Owning a horse is the dream of every rider. However, the purchase price of such an animal is not to be despised, so that here often a loan is an ideal solution.


The initial cost of a horse is usually roughly to several thousand euros. However, it depends on the breed and the age of the animal, for example.

Depending on which horse you choose, the costs usually vary significantly. For example, it plays an important role, whether it is a breeding animal, which breed it belongs to and how old it is. But the condition of the animal is just as relevant as the training it may have already enjoyed.

In general, however, a budding horse owner must expect a mere purchase price of several thousand euros. On the other hand, if an animal is offered very cheaply, it is important to keep the eyes particularly well. Because the price is basically too low, then it may be the case that the animal suffers from behavioral or health problems.

In addition to the costs incurred by the horse, it should also be taken into account that other things are needed, such as saddle, halter, bridle and cleaning utensils. The different products should ideally be available immediately when the horse is purchased or picked up by the seller.

Credit for a horse

Credit for a horse

To realize the dream of your own horse, a loan helps. As a rule, either the Sitcosition or installment credit can be claimed here.

A horse can be funded in different ways. So it is of course possible to save on this very special purchase and to fulfill the big dream only when the complete, required sum is available. However, it can also happen here that, although not enough amount has been saved but the favorite horse is just now for sale. Or one receives for example an unexpected, favorable offer.

Another option is to purchase the desired animal using a Sitcosition credit. With the so-called Sitco the bank grants a certain overdraft framework. Up to the agreed maximum amount, the borrower is free to Sitcose of the sum in question. Very advantageous here is that usually no fixed time is called when the Sitcosition credit must be repaid. This means that the credit line always remains. Accordingly, it is up to the borrower when to reimburse which sum. Thus, a Sitcosition credit is characterized by a very high degree of flexibility. However, a Sitcosition is a cost-intensive right-wing loan: in most cases, more interest must be paid than is the case with a classic installment loan.

In addition, but also the aforementioned installment loan for the purchase of a horse in question. An installment loan is a loan without earmarking. This means that the loan can be used freely. For example, it is also possible for the borrower to buy not only the desired horse, but also a suitable saddle or to pay the farrier off the sum received. Is paid off the installment loan, as opposed to the credit facility, in agreed fixed, regular installments that must be paid each month. Once the last installment has been settled, the loan is repaid.


For the banks to lend, it is necessary to meet the various requirements. This includes, for example, a German checking account as well as a positive private credit report.

For the bank to grant a loan, prospective borrowers have to fulfill a wide range of conditions. This usually includes a residence within Germany as well as a German checking account. Credit institutions generally attach great importance to a steady, regular income, as well as good creditworthiness and positive private credit information.

However, if the applicant is unable to meet one or more of the requirements required by the banks, the chances of obtaining a loan are rather poor. However, the dream of owning a horse does not have to be abandoned, because with the help of a guarantor or a second borrower, it is still possible to receive the desired loan. However, it is important that the person concerned in turn meets the various requirements. Then, a successful loan transfer is unlikely to be in the way.


In addition to the pure purchase price must be considered also the running costs, which brings the horse attitude with itself. These include, for example, stable rental and veterinarian.

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However, prospective horse owners should bear in mind that it is not only necessary to pay for the cost of such an animal, but also to support its maintenance. These include, in addition to the stable rent, for example, also the cost of the blacksmith, veterinarian and the food.

In addition, then the rates for the loan must be paid. With a corresponding rate and a suitable income, however, this is certainly no problem.

It is also feasible, for example, with riding participation, to save costs. Here one allows another person to ride and care for one’s own horse. In return, the rider pays for this a certain amount, which was previously agreed together. A riding participation is not only a good choice for the pure cost factor. For example, there is someone here who can take care of the animal if you do not have time or are sick.


The own horse; With the help of a loan, it is quite feasible to acquire such an animal. However, maintenance costs should not be forgotten either. Horseback riding offers financial and active support.

With the help of a loan, such as a discretionary loan or a classic installment loan, it is therefore quite possible to fulfill the long-cherished dream of owning a horse.

In order to obtain such a loan, a prospective borrower has to fulfill a variety of conditions, such as a positive private credit statement.

In addition to the pure purchase price for a horse, however, the maintenance costs must not be forgotten. However, if a suitable monthly installment has been agreed with the bank and the borrower receives a regular income at a certain level, it is certainly easily feasible to pay the running costs.

It is advisable to announce a riding participation for your own horse. In this way, another rider is able to ride and take care of the animal, while owner receives a certain sum for riding participation. In addition, there is also someone who looks after the horse when you are sick or have no time.

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