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Payday Loans Definition, translation and meaning : the “payday loans”, an English term that in Italian can be translated as “payday loans”, are a particular form of loan through which a financial company grants a short term small loan at applicant and this loan is then collected on the day the applicant receives the salary (the payday, ie the date of payment of the salary).

In practice, it is a short-term loan granted to cover unexpected expenses a few days before payday.

Their duration is in fact usually one or two weeks.

This is a very common form of loan in England, the United Kingdom and also in the United States, where the payday loans business is very flourishing.

Sometimes they are also called “payday advance” as it is a sort of advance on the salary.

Interest rates are usually high.

Find a payday loan online

Payday loans are short or very short term loans (one or two weeks), which are repaid on the next payday, ie when the salary is received.

They are issued by financial companies. Whoever requests the payday loan goes to one of these financial institutions and asks for a small amount in cash. At the same time, he signs a post-dated check (on the salary collection date) for the loan amount plus interest.

In other cases, it is also possible to request payday loans directly online, go to site. On the date of the next payday, repayment of the loan and interest takes place via electronic withholding on the account.

Depending on the issuing financial companies, checks may be required on the applicant’s previous pay slips or not.

What are they for

Usually, these loans are requested by those who urgently need liquidity to meet certain urgent deadlines such as the payment of rent, bills or to meet a sudden and unexpected expense (for example a session at the dentist, a plant failure plumber, or other).

It is practically a loan that serves to be able to face a financial emergency in the period preceding the date of the paycheck.

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What are loans and why are they convenient?

What are loans and why are they convenient?

Online loans provided by non-banking companies, such as Szybka Gotówka, are modern financial products, which are a response to the current demand for quick and uncomplicated access to money. Thanks to modern technologies, payday loans via the Internet are a simple and convenient way to solve difficult financial situations. All you have to do is apply online and a quick loan can be in your account within 15 minutes! The comfort afforded by the possibility of obtaining such an instant financial support is now the weight of gold!

Why Fast Cash?

Why Fast Cash?

Are you wondering why you should take advantage of our offer and why our loan via the Internet is unique? The answer is simple and is in our name. The quick cash we offer is the result of an efficiently constructed verification system that allows you to quickly process your application and transfer your online loan to your account even faster. Because we not only provide loans, we deliver them quickly. Szybka Gotówka guarantees express, easy, convenient and completely safe access to financial products, such as online loans!
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And that’s not all! What else do we have in store?
Easy access

  • The possibility of registration via Facebook;
  • Minimal formalities;
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A unique offer

  • The first loan is completely free!
  • We provide loans with a repayment period from 1 day to 65 days
  • We guarantee assistance in refinancing the loan!

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  • Favorable loyalty programs – every 5th loan free!
  • Quick loan applications via SMS and telephone;
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How to get a loan – 4 simple steps

How to get a loan - 4 simple steps

Are you 18 years old, Polish citizenship, a bank account in a Polish bank, a mobile phone and internet access? If so, you will get our online loan in 4 easy steps:

  1. Select the amount and the loan repayment period, which you just need to mark on the calculator located at the beginning of the page.
  2. Fill out the registration form or register by FB.
  3. The next step is the instant verification of the bank account by the GoGetterMedia website.
  4. Now you only have to wait for a while and the quick loan is already in your account.

Loans up to PLN 8,000 for everyone!

Loans up to PLN 8,000 for everyone!

Someone says that the on-line loan is short-term and is granted for small amounts? If so, he has made a mistake or has very outdated information! At least when it comes to Quick Cash loans. Our company not only offers non-bank loans with a repayment period exceeding 2 months. With us, everyone can borrow from PLN 100 to even PLN 8,000. Do not hesitate! Check out our offer and see how fast online loans look like, designed for everyone and tailored to the individual needs of each!

What is a Renewable Loan Line?

A revolving loan limit is an offer of online financial institutions. It involves the possibility of continuous access to financial resources in the amount previously agreed with the lender. Remember that the loan limit will renew with its repayment. If we do not take care of it, we will get into the debtors’ register and we will become unreliable in the eyes of the lender.

Renewable loan line – what is it?

Renewable loan line - what is it?

A renewable credit line is one of the offers we can find in the range of non-bank institutions that provide both loans in installments and payday loans. It is similar to the offer of banks. It consists in granting a loan limit to the client on the basis of a contract, which he can use at any time during the term of the contract. It should be remembered that the client decides when and how much he pays and what amount he pays to make the account limit equal.

If our limit is 4,000 PLN, and we will choose from the account of 1 thousand. PLN, after its re-payment, our limit will still be 4,000. PLN, as it was agreed in the contract. It’s worth checking the amount left in your account so that the revolving loan line can actually be renewed by returning your used cash.

A revolving loan line is the offer of loan companies. Its advantage is constant access to cash in the time chosen by us and the option to choose a cash repayment date. It is worth mentioning that the form of a revolving limit may also be a credit card.

Renewable loan line – get to know its disadvantages

Renewable loan line - get to know its disadvantages

A revolving loan line works with many customers. However, it is worth knowing the disadvantages of this solution. One of them is the possibility of quickly falling into spiral of debt, especially if we choose a high amount of the limit. This happens due to inadequate disposition of the received money. If we will withdraw cash, and we will not return it to your account, we will get into the register of indebted persons.

What is important, obtaining a loan limit is connected with meeting the requirements set by the lender, eg having a positive credit history. If we do not meet the set conditions, we will not get access to cash.

An installment loan is an alternative to a revolving loan line

An installment loan is an alternative to a revolving loan line

Not everyone can afford a revolving loan limit. In such a situation, it is worth getting interested in the installment loan, which is also granted by loan companies operating online. An installment loan will work for people who need any loan amount with a long repayment term. Installment installment installments are tailored to the individual needs of the applicant, so it is important to provide the lender with all necessary data about us and our financial situation.

Remember that the installment loan should be repaid according to the dates set in the repayment schedule. Thanks to this, we will gain in the eyes of the lender and we will not receive it prompting us to give back money. What’s more, due to timely repayment we will receive another loan sooner.

Loan despite rejection – everyday problem solutions


The loan despite rejection is always a difficult loan request. The rejection can have different reasons.

Since the private credit is negatively charged. The income is insufficient.

Even a fixed-term contract can lead to a loan despite rejection. Nevertheless, credit seekers should not give up. If the rejection came from the house bank, then credit seekers can try it with an on-line bank.

The loan despite rejection – the situation

The loan despite rejection - the situation

Credit despite rejection – recognize solutions

The first step the credit seeker should take in case of a credit rejection is to find out why the loan was declined. Is the burdened private credit the reason or the insufficient income. If this has been clarified, an attempt can be made to eliminate the cause. If it is not enough income can be tried with a solvent guarantor to relax the situation.

Work can also be done on a bad private credit. Then loan seekers should seek self-disclosure from the private credit.

This can be seen, if the entries are rightly noted or they could have been deleted long ago. Another step could be to clarify whether all outstanding bills have been paid or whether other loans need to be serviced. Last but not least, a cash fall should show how the monthly budget is composed.

Credit despite rejection – what conditions?

Credit despite rejection - what conditions?

For a loan to be approved, loan seekers must be able to meet the bank’s requirements. This includes the sufficient income that is above the attachment exemption limit. Thus, most banks require an income of at least 1100 euros. If the income is well below this income limit, a loan can be rejected.

The bank fears that the loan can not be paid then. That can happen even if the private credit is positive. There must always be enough money left to pay a loan installment. In addition to income, the private credit must be free of negative entries.

A burdened private credit also leads to a credit rejection. Last but not least, the stable and secure employment from which the income comes is important. If the loan seeker has a fixed-term employment contract, then no credit is approved unless it can be paid within the time limit.

Credit despite rejection – who is often not creditworthy?

Credit despite rejection - who is often not creditworthy?

If the loan seeker is unemployed, the chances of getting a loan are rather bad. The offers that are made to him are often not serious. Here should be looked closely. But even self-employed or freelancers are not welcome customers at the banks.

With them, the fluctuating income is often a reason for refusal. The self-employed are subjected to a complex credit check, which is too much for some banks and simply reject the loan. But also recipients of social benefits will not get a loan. Here the income is just enough to cover the cost of living.

The rejection of unemployment and social benefits stems from the fact that these benefits can not be impounded. If there is a credit default, the bank can not seize.

Credit despite rejection – problem of private credit

Credit despite rejection - problem of private credit

Often, a loan is not approved because the private credit of the customer is bad. But what is the private credit actually? Why is it preventing a loan? The protection association for general credit protection – private credit for short – is a credit agency in Germany that works with contractual partners.

Partners are:

  • banks
  • telephone companies
  • Insurance
  • mail order companies
  • car dealerships

and others more. All financial transactions of a customer end up in the private credit. If an account is opened, the private credit finds out about it. If a loan is taken, it will be entered in the private credit.

Yes, even if an apartment is rented, the landlord asks the private credit. These requests will be seen as neutral entries.

If, however, there are difficulties in payment, such as a reminder, a garnishment or even an oath of disclosure, then these neutral entries become negative. The consequences are felt quickly by the customer, for example when he uses some of the contracting parties.

Credit despite rejection – credit with bad private credit

Credit despite rejection - credit with bad private credit

German banks refuse a loan, the loan seekers can then look for the private credit-free loans. Here he can get help from a reputable credit intermediary. The mediation will take the credit check and tell the client if it qualifies for a loan or not. He examines the documents and requests others if necessary.

Mostly then the Swiss credit comes into question. A loan that no longer comes from Switzerland but also from Liechtenstein. Contrary to the many advertising claims of credit agencies, not everyone receives this loan. Again, unemployed or recipients of Hartz IV as well as self-employed are excluded from the loan.

Preferred customers are employees and civil servants with a secure and stable job.

Credit despite rejection – pay attention to seriousness

Credit despite rejection - pay attention to seriousness

There are some frivolous negotiations that have just discredited Swiss credit. Thus, credit agencies that do not work reputedly often require their customers’ initial costs, even though no credit application has yet been made.

Likewise, customers are urged to sign an insurance application, such as a home savings contract. This does not increase the credit opportunities, only the customer has less money in his wallet but still no credit.

A serious credit broker can be seen how long he has been on the market. Also, exchanges are often certified, which also means a serious sign. Likewise, positive reviews in the relevant forums can show who is serious or not.



Anyone who has experienced a credit rejection should first ask for the reasons. Accordingly, it can be addressed. If the income is too weak, a guarantor could help out. If the private credit is bad, a free loan can be an option. It is also important that the budget statement shows a surplus. The bank will also make such a calculation.

Also, the accrued loan installments should be affordable. Maybe this can succeed with a longer runtime. So you see, a loan despite rejection can certainly come about, if one or the other is respected.


Urgent loan with immediate payment

Fast, cheap and easy to record – that’s how credit should be in the eyes of consumers. Because no one wants to worry about whether the extra money will be made available. And nobody wants to search long for suitable and above all cheap offers.

The banks and savings banks in our country are under great pressure from each other. Through the Internet, their offers have become much more transparent and the clientele has the opportunity to quickly compare different offers. No one is forced or obligated to accept the desired loan from the house bank. Rather, it can now be applied for at any bank, so that they have to compete and see that they always have the best offer at the best.

With an urgent loan with immediate payment, the best offer would always be a cheap installment loan, which can be easily taken over the Internet, processed quickly and in the best case on the same day the application for payment is made. Because that is what consumers suspect behind an offer with the pleasant sounding name “Credit With Immediate Instant Payment “.

How does an urgent loan with immediate payment work?

In order to be able to initiate an urgent loan, which is accompanied by an immediate payment, it is important that not only does the financial institution pay well in advance, but that, as a borrower, one also adapts a little to the project. Because both components must be right, so that with such a special loan, all the wheels can mesh perfectly.

From the side of the bank or the savings bank, it is important that the offered credit offers are also offered as urgent loan with immediate payment. It does not make any sense to take out a conventional loan and then hope that the bank quickly handles the loan application. This may or may not happen. For conventional loans, the processing time is usually two to three days.

However, if the bank provides loan offers that are offered as a rush credit, then the consumer can take advantage of them and request that a correspondingly fast processing takes place. The loan should be requested early in the morning or at noon at the latest. Even if an immediate payment is made, the bank must nevertheless have the opportunity to see exactly who applied for the urgent loan and which conditions for borrowing can be demonstrated.

If the loan is to be requested over the Internet, the borrower must ensure that not only does he have reliable internet access, but also a printer and a copier. Because for the exchange of credit documents both devices are urgently needed. On top of that, the loan should not be applied for on a weekend. There must always be a PostIdent procedure before the loan is disbursed. On a Sunday but has no post office on to complete this procedure. Therefore, the immediate-payout loan should, at best, always be taken on a working day so as not to jeopardize the fast payout.

Who is eligible?

Who is eligible?

In principle, once everyone is allowed to apply for an urgent loan. However, since the banks only grant loans to those persons who have a good credit rating, it is important that the borrower has a fixed income in addition to a consistently positive private credit.

In addition, the monthly expenditure must be well below the revenue, so that there is enough room for the payment of the installments to be paid each month by the loan. In the case of a larger loan amount, care should be taken to ensure that a potential guarantor who can secure the express loan is available.

Thermomix credit – cook like a king – easily funded

The Thermomix loan can be applied for at various lenders. Necessary is a good credit rating. The kitchen appliance is currently very much in vogue. Hobby cooks love the device and do not want to miss it anymore. But the purchase of the device is not exactly cheap. Customers have to expect about 1200 euros, not everyone has on the side.

Thermomix credit – funded directly from the grid

Thermomix credit - funded directly from the grid

To the Thermomix a real hype has arisen. There are Thermomix parties where the “miracle device” is presented.

Nevertheless, customers who want to buy a Thermomix should consider for what purpose the food processor should be used. The difference between the Thermomix and a standard food processor is a cooking function.

In addition, the device needs a lot of space. Because the miracle part should have a stable grip and there must be enough space around it so that the Thermomix can also be operated properly.

If customers still want to buy the food processor, they have to lay down about 1200 euros. Not everyone has so much money on their side. Often, the desire group who want to have this device is not working at all. If a loan has to be taken, a lot should be considered. Thus, a borrower must have a perfect credit rating which shows in a sufficient income. In addition, a stable and secure workplace must be available.

Very important is the unencumbered private credit.When negative entries are noted, a loan is often rejected.

Thermomix credit – how to finance

Thermomix credit - how to finance

As hype as the Thermomix is ​​currently, it is also expensive. 1200 euros are a lot of money for a food processor. The handicap of this is also that the device, when new, is not commercially available. Interested parties can not arrange installment payments at the retailer.

This will require a loan so that the device can be bought and paid in cash at the “cooking parties”. If you decide for a used device, this has a lot of choices. Who is satisfied with that, must expect only about 500 euros. However, as is often the case with used goods, they no longer bring the power like a new part.

If you want to buy the Thermomix, you should ask a lender about the terms of a loan. If a stable job exists and the income is sufficient, the loan should not be a problem.

Thermomix credit – calculate loan amount

Thermomix credit - calculate loan amount

If you decide to take a Thermomix loan, you should first get the price. In addition, it is advised to look at the device in advance and possibly to pay attention to the price development. Often comes additions or books for recipes, which then makes a higher loan amount necessary. As with any other loan, this loan should also check to see if a loan can be paid.

For this purpose, the revenue is calculated against the expenses. Only if a surplus remains, the loan should be applied for. If you do not have the money every month, you will not get a loan. Banks are checking very closely.

The bank will also examine the ratio of revenue / expenditure and see how it is with the client’s solvency. If you have a credit line and always use it without stopping, you should not necessarily buy the Thermomix. So it can happen that ultimately comes to a credit default that comes with unpleasant consequences.

Thermomix loan – how to apply for the loan

Thermomix loan - how to apply for the loan

If the loan amount is fixed, a credit comparison should be made. Loan seekers generally have the opportunity to take out a loan from the bank but also at an online bank. If the credit rating is okay this is possible with any lender. The bank checks the income and will query the private credit.

If the private credit shows negative entries, the credit will probably be rejected. The entry shows that there have already been payment difficulties in the past. But if the bank gives the green light, the loan application can be made. The customer receives a preliminary loan commitment within a few minutes, but this is not binding.

Only when the lender has verified the credit documentation, the final loan commitment will be issued with simultaneous instruction of the money. If you have only a small income, you can take out the loan with the spouse. If this has a sufficient income and a good credit rating, the credit opportunities increase. In addition, better terms can be expected.

Thermomix credit – bad private credit

Thermomix credit - bad Schufa

If you have a bad private credit and you want a Thermomix loan, you should refrain from it. After all, it is not a device on which the livelihood depends. Actually, this is a luxury item. For luxury, the non-private credit loans should not be used.

In addition, loan seekers would have to borrow over 3500 euros, which is the smallest amount of credit the bank forgives. In addition, one year of full employment must be proven and income that has an attachable share. For a single person that would be net 1150 euros.

Payday Loan waiting time: how many days between request and payment?

In this article we will analyze the waiting times on Fostal Bank payday loans, in particular to see the necessary days between sending the request for funding we need and the payment of the desired sum. This is certainly one of the most important aspects for evaluating a particular loan, as very often the money we request will serve us quickly.

Times of Payday Loans Fostal Bank: how many days of waiting between request and payment?

A very important feature that needs to be assessed when comparing different forms of loan is that of waiting times, which are often very long. In fact, many times the money we request through a personal Fostal Bank loan serves us to deal with an expense that can be urgent. For this reason, delivery times can be decisive in choosing the credit institution to which we can rely. In the case of loans offered by Postal service Italy you will be pleased to know that it takes only a few days to have the desired amount of money available. The number of days that pass between sending the application form and the payment depends on the delivery method chosen by the customer. Let’s see what the possibilities are, in order to choose, when possible, the one that allows us to get the money we need in the shortest possible time.

First of all, it is good to specify that in order to take advantage of Fostal Bank loans, it is not necessary to be a Postal service Italy customer. At the time of the request, therefore, we will not necessarily have to hold a Fostal Bank current account or cards like PostePay. However, being a customer of the Italian Post Office could be a considerable advantage. As is also confirmed by the opinions of users available in the main industry forums, delivery times can be significantly reduced thanks to direct payment to Fostal Bank current account, PostePay Evolution card, or even to the postal savings account in the name of the beneficiary of the loan. In these three cases only a few hours are often enough to have the requested credit immediately available.

The possibilities for non-Italian Poste customers are different. First of all, you can choose to pay cash at the post office where the loan request was made. In this case, the maximum amount that we can receive will be 10,000 euros, and usually 2 or 3 days of waiting are required. Therefore, despite the fact that it is a disbursement option aimed at those who are not customers of the Italian Post Office, we can still talk about fast financing. Finally, the last option is to request credit on the current account in the name of the bank to which we are connected. Choosing the latter method of delivery we can request up to a maximum of 20,000 euros, which we will receive in this case in a few days.

Fast Fostal Bank loan in 24 or 48 hours: is it possible with Postal service Italy?

To receive a fast Fostal Bank loan, all we have to do is go to the post office closest to our home and complete the relevant form. This will be presented to us by an expert in the field, who will always be at our disposal for any doubt regarding the characteristics of the products offered by the company. On the Postal service Italy website you can find the most convenient office for us and make an appointment to discuss our position. So our consultant will be able to propose the best solutions offered by Postal service Italy that meet our needs, both as regards the amount to which we are interested and for the repayment installment planned, so as to identify together the best ever. So far the necessary time is not the longest, although obviously we will have to commit ourselves to search the documentation quickly, so as to speed up the request procedures.

Let’s move on to the required requirements, so you do not miss anything and do not have to go back to the Postal service Italy office a second time, because queuing twice requires a lengthening of the times, which we certainly do not want. The first requirement concerns residence, which must be on Italian territory. As for economic requirements, the customer must show the company an insured monthly entry. In this sense it is necessary to perceive a demonstrable work income produced in Italy, or receive a pension from INPS every month. As with any other credit institution, even if you refer to the Italian Post Office, employees and pensioners will have no problem in receiving a positive response to the request for funding. With Fostal Bank personal loans, self-employed workers can also receive the desired funding by submitting their tax return.

So to proceed with the request for a personal loan Fostal Bank the documents that we will bring with us will be only the identity card, the health card and a document that certifies the income received monthly. The latter, in the case of employees, will therefore be the last paycheck or work contract, while in the case of a pensioner who must apply for a Fostal Bank loan, the latter must bring the last pension slip. Finally, as regards self-employed workers, the document to be presented will be the Single Model. Through this the company will be able to make the appropriate assessments and define accordingly the maximum payment that can be addressed by the customer. In the latter case, delivery times may be slightly longer because of the time required to assess the applicant’s economic position.

All in all, however, requesting a Fostal Bank loan in 24 hours or 48 hours (one or two days) is simple. Several are the strengths of the Italian Post Office that are praised on different customer reviews. First of all, thanks to the website of the Italian Post Office you can find all the information we need to identify the product that is right for us. A well-structured website like that of the Italian Post Office allows us to save time, as otherwise we would have to go to the post office just to receive information. Moreover, as we have already said, it is possible to make an appointment, so as to choose the date and time that we prefer and above all not to have to queue. Furthermore, applause is made just by the speed of the operators who work in the post offices and who take care of the Fostal Bank loans, thanks to which you can in fact receive very fast financing. Obviously, it will also be up to you to immediately obtain the documentation and thus burn the waiting times of the loans offered by Postal service Italy.



Finance the dream of owning a horse with a payday loan

Owning a horse is the dream of every rider. However, the purchase price of such an animal is not to be despised, so that here often a loan is an ideal solution.


The initial cost of a horse is usually roughly to several thousand euros. However, it depends on the breed and the age of the animal, for example.

Depending on which horse you choose, the costs usually vary significantly. For example, it plays an important role, whether it is a breeding animal, which breed it belongs to and how old it is. But the condition of the animal is just as relevant as the training it may have already enjoyed.

In general, however, a budding horse owner must expect a mere purchase price of several thousand euros. On the other hand, if an animal is offered very cheaply, it is important to keep the eyes particularly well. Because the price is basically too low, then it may be the case that the animal suffers from behavioral or health problems.

In addition to the costs incurred by the horse, it should also be taken into account that other things are needed, such as saddle, halter, bridle and cleaning utensils. The different products should ideally be available immediately when the horse is purchased or picked up by the seller.

Credit for a horse

Credit for a horse

To realize the dream of your own horse, a loan helps. As a rule, either the Sitcosition or installment credit can be claimed here.

A horse can be funded in different ways. So it is of course possible to save on this very special purchase and to fulfill the big dream only when the complete, required sum is available. However, it can also happen here that, although not enough amount has been saved but the favorite horse is just now for sale. Or one receives for example an unexpected, favorable offer.

Another option is to purchase the desired animal using a Sitcosition credit. With the so-called Sitco the bank grants a certain overdraft framework. Up to the agreed maximum amount, the borrower is free to Sitcose of the sum in question. Very advantageous here is that usually no fixed time is called when the Sitcosition credit must be repaid. This means that the credit line always remains. Accordingly, it is up to the borrower when to reimburse which sum. Thus, a Sitcosition credit is characterized by a very high degree of flexibility. However, a Sitcosition is a cost-intensive right-wing loan: in most cases, more interest must be paid than is the case with a classic installment loan.

In addition, but also the aforementioned installment loan for the purchase of a horse in question. An installment loan is a loan without earmarking. This means that the loan can be used freely. For example, it is also possible for the borrower to buy not only the desired horse, but also a suitable saddle or to pay the farrier off the sum received. Is paid off the installment loan, as opposed to the credit facility, in agreed fixed, regular installments that must be paid each month. Once the last installment has been settled, the loan is repaid.


For the banks to lend, it is necessary to meet the various requirements. This includes, for example, a German checking account as well as a positive private credit report.

For the bank to grant a loan, prospective borrowers have to fulfill a wide range of conditions. This usually includes a residence within Germany as well as a German checking account. Credit institutions generally attach great importance to a steady, regular income, as well as good creditworthiness and positive private credit information.

However, if the applicant is unable to meet one or more of the requirements required by the banks, the chances of obtaining a loan are rather poor. However, the dream of owning a horse does not have to be abandoned, because with the help of a guarantor or a second borrower, it is still possible to receive the desired loan. However, it is important that the person concerned in turn meets the various requirements. Then, a successful loan transfer is unlikely to be in the way.


In addition to the pure purchase price must be considered also the running costs, which brings the horse attitude with itself. These include, for example, stable rental and veterinarian.

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However, prospective horse owners should bear in mind that it is not only necessary to pay for the cost of such an animal, but also to support its maintenance. These include, in addition to the stable rent, for example, also the cost of the blacksmith, veterinarian and the food.

In addition, then the rates for the loan must be paid. With a corresponding rate and a suitable income, however, this is certainly no problem.

It is also feasible, for example, with riding participation, to save costs. Here one allows another person to ride and care for one’s own horse. In return, the rider pays for this a certain amount, which was previously agreed together. A riding participation is not only a good choice for the pure cost factor. For example, there is someone here who can take care of the animal if you do not have time or are sick.


The own horse; With the help of a loan, it is quite feasible to acquire such an animal. However, maintenance costs should not be forgotten either. Horseback riding offers financial and active support.

With the help of a loan, such as a discretionary loan or a classic installment loan, it is therefore quite possible to fulfill the long-cherished dream of owning a horse.

In order to obtain such a loan, a prospective borrower has to fulfill a variety of conditions, such as a positive private credit statement.

In addition to the pure purchase price for a horse, however, the maintenance costs must not be forgotten. However, if a suitable monthly installment has been agreed with the bank and the borrower receives a regular income at a certain level, it is certainly easily feasible to pay the running costs.

It is advisable to announce a riding participation for your own horse. In this way, another rider is able to ride and take care of the animal, while owner receives a certain sum for riding participation. In addition, there is also someone who looks after the horse when you are sick or have no time.